Past Due Tax Returns – Get Help

If you obtain an extension to file your federal tax return, and then do not file it by the time the extension time period expires, or if you do not ever file your tax return, you could be in serious trouble. Pursuant to Federal Statutes, willful failure to file your tax returns is a felony. Felonies are the types of crimes that can earn you prison time and fines.

Here are some things that you might be concerned about:

  1. What if I have a tax debt but my new spouse does not? I don’t want to bring him/her into this mess.
  2. I am not a good record-keeper. How can I possibly file my past due returns now without W-2s,1099s or receipts?
  3. How many tax returns do I need to file? I can’t remember the last return I filed.
  4. I am afraid I am going to owe more than I can pay. How can I resolve this problem without the IRS taking my assets?

As a local Sarasota Tax Attorney concentrating in IRS Problem Resolution, I can help you with the answers to these questions and more!

As a local Sarasota Tax Attorney concentrating in IRS Problem Resolution, I can help you put your IRS tax debts behind you. Please call the Law Office of Mary E King for your initial consultation at 941.906.7585 or email Sarasota Tax attorney Mary King Esq. for an IRS Tax help consultation and learn how the offer in compromise program could help you.