Once your tax returns are prepared, you may be surprised in one of two ways. Either you owe very little to the IRS or you owe quite a lot to the IRS. Hopefully it is the former. Unfortunately, if you owe a lot to the IRS, it is generally due to the penalties and interest which grow quickly. However, there are settlement options available to you to resolve your IRS problem and allow you to obtain IRS relief! After performing a comprehensive analysis, I determine which settlement option best fits my client’s situation and then I negotiate with the IRS to obtain the most advantageous outcome.

Here is a list possible options which I will discuss in brief detail:

    1. Offer in Compromise (OIC)
    2. Currently Not Collectible
    3. Installment Agreement
    4. Penalty Abatement
    5. Bankruptcy
    6. Innocent Spouse Relief
    7. Statute of Limitations

As a local Sarasota Tax Attorney concentrating in IRS Problem Resolution, I can help you put your IRS tax debts behind you. Please call the Law Office of Mary E King for your consultation at 941.906.7585 or email Sarasota Tax attorney Mary King Esq. for your IRS Tax help consultation and learn how the offer in compromise program could help you.