Sarasota Tax Attorney Mary E. King Concentrates In Resolving IRS Tax Problems.

Attorney Mary KingSo many people live with the burden and stress associated with tax debt, liens, and other IRS issues. IRS tax debt is a complicated and serious matter, which can have long-term ramifications, not to mention, negative effects on your health. Resolving delinquencies and other tax issues should be a priority, but unfortunately, many people in this predicament do not even know where to begin. Mary King is a seasoned tax attorney that can help you put an end to collection notices and harassing phone calls. She combines the use of legal programs along with her expertise to minimize the impact of these types of tax issues.

Sarasota FloridaAs a Sarasota resident herself, Mary King believes in working within the community, helping each of her clients achieve resolve and financial freedom. While some attorneys may make promises they cannot keep and mislead clients with false expectations, it is Mary King’s belief to be upfront about the facts of each case by delivering honest answers and providing clients with realistic options.


How Will a Lawyer Help Me With My IRS Problems?

The power that is granted to the IRS when it comes to collections, seizures, wage garnishment, and business closure appears unstoppable. Believe it or not, as a taxpayer, you do have certain rights. A tax attorney is well acquainted with these laws and can help you protect your income and your assets from being garnished and seized. An experienced attorney is also familiar with debt settlement programs available to help both individuals and businesses repay their past due tax obligations.


What Types of IRS Debt Settlement Programs Are Available to Taxpayers?

There are actually many different programs available. Since there are many different reasons as to why someone may fall behind on their tax payments, each program is designed to fit a specific need. Offer In Compromise will reduce the overall debt that you owe considering you meet the qualifications for this program. Another option may be to get the IRS to declare “Non-Collectable” status. While the debt will not go away, harassing collections will cease as long as your account is consider to be non-collectable. There is also a penalty abatement program for those with reasonable cause for being late or altogether missing one or more payments. A loss of job, illness, or other monetary consuming emergency will usually qualify you for this type of program. Penalty abatement will eliminate penalties issued by the IRS for late or non-payment. For those who do not qualify for other tax relief programs, an installment agreement is a valuable option that allows the tax payer to pay back what they owe over time in the form of affordable monthly payments. While some may not see this as the best option, it does help people get back on track with the IRS while being able to get back to their regular lives. There are also several other programs available including Innocent Spouse Relief, Bankruptcy Protection, and Statute of Limitations.


Why Should I Hire an Attorney If the IRS Offers These Programs?

Yes, one can go it alone, but it is by no means recommended. IRS forms can be rather lengthy and extremely complicated. Tax attorneys not only know how to complete these forms, (saving you time and energy, and sparing you the frustration), but they also know which forms to complete and which programs would be beneficial to you. Any errors that you may make when filling out these forms can potentially disqualify you from receiving any tax relief benefits. You already have enough stress. Leave it up to your tax attorney to collect the right financial information and fill out the proper paperwork to get the ball rolling. In addition, only a professional attorney knows all of the ins and outs of tax law. Your attorney will use their expertise to assess your set of circumstances and create an effective, individualized plan. Also, once the IRS learns that a lawyer has been retained to handle your tax matters, the collection letters and phone calls will usually immediately stop. Tax attorneys are well practiced in IRS code and rules. They will be able to spot any errors that the IRS may have made in your case, and use it in your favor. You may have tried to talk to the IRS or someone else in detail about your circumstances. Unfortunately, this may be used against you in your case. Attorney-client privilege protects you. Your lawyer will use discretion with what information they divulge when dealing with your case. Since attorneys have negotiating power that you will not have when facing the IRS, your attorney will provide you with the best possible outcome, and least amount of debt..


Why Choose Mary King To Represent Me?

Mary King has twenty year experience in tax law with hundreds of successful outcomes. She understands tax law and knows how to work with the IRS to come up with the best possible solution to your tax problems. She understands that each case she takes on is unique. She evaluates each case on an individual basis, answers all of your questions, and will thoroughly explain all of your options. Mary King can put a stop to IRS tax levies, remove tax liens, settle back tax debt, stop wage garnishment, and reduce IRS penalties. As a member of the Florida Bar, Sarasota County Bar, and the American Business Women’s Association, Mary King has the ability to tackle the toughest of cases. She relentlessly fights for each and every one of her clients. Her track record proves that she stands among the top tax attorneys in the Sarasota area.

Stop the harassing phone calls and collection letters, and get relief now by calling Mary King today.


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