Facing a tax-related issue with the Internal Revenue Service or a state taxing authority is a challenging, frustrating and emotional experience for the typical taxpayer. Tax laws are complicated. The workings of the IRS and other taxing authorities are confusing. For these reasons, if you have a tax-related issue or problem, you need to seriously consider engaging the services of a experienced tax attorney, like those on our legal team.

Professional Legal Assistance In Dealing With An IRS Tax Matter

The IRS is probably the governmental agency that the typical individual in the United States most dreads encountering. The very thought of a tax-related problem or issue involving the IRS is the cause for many a night of lost sleep.

The IRS is a powerful agency. If the IRS determines that a taxpayer owes unpaid taxes, the agency is capable of imposing significant penalties and considerable interest on the taxpayer. Indeed, depending on the status of a taxpayer’s account with the agency, the IRS may have the legal authority to seize a person’s assets. These can include bank accounts, cars, business property and personal property. The IRS can garnish paychecks and place a lien on a taxpayer’s residence.

Unfortunately, mistakes associated with tax requirements are easy for a taxpayer to make — and the resulting penalties and problems can be tremendous. If you are in this type of situation, you can best protect your rights and interests by engaging the services of a tax attorney with a significant experience in dealing with the IRS.

In a considerable number of cases, a negotiated resolution of an issue can be reached with the IRS. However, the typical taxpayer just does not have the experience, the knowledge of the tax code or the unique skill set necessary to negotiate effectively with the IRS.

Attorney Mary King has the background, the skills and the tenacity necessary to take on the IRS in negotiations with the ultimate objective of obtaining an appropriate resolution for you, our client. The reality is that our firm may be able to save you money on your liability to the IRS, leaving you in a financialy better position than you would be in going it alone — and even after paying a reasonable attorney fee to our firm.

Our experience in representing clients before the IRS extends to cases involving personal as well as business and professional taxes of different types. When it comes to business tax-related issues, these include the representation of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

Professional Legal Assistance For A State Department Of Revenue Tax Matter

Our firm does not limit its professional legal assistance to taxpayers who have issues with the Internal Revenue Service. We also provide legal counsel to individuals and businesses that face problems with the state department of revenue.

Sales and use tax issues are common problems for many businesses in the state. As can be with case with IRS tax matters, when a sales or use tax issue arises, it can compound rather quickly and become more serious in a very short period of time. Penalties and interest mount rapidly in many cases.

Once again, department of revenue issues are also an area in which our legal team is adept at working towards a positive, meaningful resolution for a taxpayer who is our client. Potential solutions include a negotiated settlement of the amount due and owing to a particular taxing agency or a payment plan permitting a taxpayer the ability to reasonably resolve a sales or use tax issue over a set period of time.

Unemployment taxes, also known as reemployment taxes, can also present problems to a business owner in some instances. If you find yourself facing this type of tax issue, an experienced tax lawyer in our firm will be able to represent you and protect your rights and interests. We can work towards a resolution of an unemployment or reemployment tax issue that protects your legal rights and interests as well your finances .

Consultation With An Experienced Tax Lawyer

A tax attorney with our firm stands ready to assist you. The first step in the process of engaging the services of a qualified, skilled and experienced tax attorney from our firm is scheduling what is known as an initial consultation.

At an initial consultation, an attorney from our firm meets with you to discuss your particular tax problem or issue. The lawyer will be able to share with you some general strategies and tactics that may exist to address your tax matter in a manner that best protects your legal rights and financial interests.