For many years, we have been helping Florida residents with their personal and business tax planning. Our office, is located in Sarasota, Florida.

Our goal has been and will continue to be providing our clients with tax advice that allows them to maximize deductions, that guarantees they pay their taxes at a proper rate, and that all of their filings are done in compliance with the law. We work closely with our clients in creating long-lasting and professional relationships.

Preparing Individual Income Taxes

We assist individual taxpayers plan for and eventually prepare their taxes. We are familiar with new tax laws and will aggressively use those to your benefit. Many of our clients are surprised to hear that they qualify either for the standard deduction or for new deductions that they are unaware of. They are thankful when we help them minimize their tax liability. Since tax laws change annually, every year provides a chance to engage in tax planning and financial planning. Our team will work with you in the creation of a long-term financial strategy that may save you money on taxes.

Minimize Business Tax

The business taxes you pay are based on more than just the amount of money your business earns annually. Other factors, such as your business structure, play a large role in the amount you pay. We are available to help you minimize the business taxes you pay by helping you re-examine your business structure. Then we will examine all of the incentives and deductions provided by the federal government to see which ones apply to you.

There are many special incentives created by the federal government that are designed to encourage investment in either equipment or capital for businesses. Some forms of tax relief and some exemptions are only available for a specific tax year. These benefits are temporary, and if business owners do not apply them within the stipulated time frame, they risk losing out on the tax savings. We work with business owners to help them create an annual and a multi-annual plan designed to minimize taxes.

Resolving Unique Tax Situations

During the fiscal year, an individual or a business may run into unique or one-time tax situations. These situations could come as a result of purchasing or selling property or investing in multiple ventures. Regardless of the reason behind the unique situation, we are familiar with and are able to successfully resolve all forms of tax circumstances.

Our areas of expertise include:

• Individual Taxes
• Business/Corporate Income Tax
• Taxes for Nonresidents
• Foreign Investment Taxation
• Real Estate Taxes
• Self-Employment Tax
• Tangible Personal Property Tax

We have successfully helped our clients apply for employee identification numbers and individual tax  numbers. Our clients turn to us when they need help canceling their debts, navigating the murky waters of a foreclosure, and dealing with short sales.

We go to bat for customers when the IRS is pressuring them by helping them obtain innocent spouse relief. We have helped our customers create reasonable IRS installment agreements and have represented clients in matters of penalty abatement.

Business owners constantly face a wide variety of tax situations. These include sales tax, state tax, corporate income tax, debt cancellation, and taxes when they sell or purchase a new business.

Legal Representation When Tax Problems Arise

There are a lot of tax issues that will require an individual or a business to receive legal representation. For this reason, our associates are both experienced enrolled agents and licensed attorneys who have the experience needed to successfully deal with legal issues associated with taxation, real estate, and business structure.

If you are a victim of tax fraud, have been the victim of a Ponzi scheme, are in debt to the IRS for back taxes, or are having a problem with real estate, we are able to provide you with both the legal and tax counsel that you will need to be successful. The advice we give is firmly based on the knowledge we have of the law, the tax code, and a strong understanding of business planning.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients a unique mix of in-depth tax knowledge as well as a firm understanding of the way business and tax matters play out in the real world. This is knowledge that we have gained through our years of experience in successfully helping our clients. We are excited to put our experience to work for you this year. Schedule an appointment by contacting us at our Sarasota office at 941-906-7585, or contact us by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.

The information that is being provided on this website is designed to serve as general information. Nothing contained herein is designed to be considered legal advice and should not be taken as such. Every individual situation and case is unique and qualified advice can only be given after proper consultation. The information provided on this website is not designed to create an attorney-client relationship.