How to File Un-filed Tax Returns (part 1)

Filing Taxes

If you have some un-filed returns, you will want to get back in the IRS system while creating the least amount of attention. Here is what you need to do:

1. File your next tax return on time. Make every attempt to get prepared and filed before the due date. ( You only have one chance per year or quarter to file required tax returns on time.) Doing so allows you to show the IRS that you have changed your ways and you are doing everything in your power to start filing on time.

2. Retain a tax professional who deals with the IRS everyday to file all your un-filed tax returns. (You can call my office for help with this (941) 906-7585.) Agree on a fixed fee for each year –  do not agree to pay an hourly rate.  The fixed fees should be $350 – $550 per a year for the preparation of a basic tax return.

3. Request a tax organizer from the tax professional for each un-filed year. A tax organizer is nothing more than a few pieces of paper that make it easier for you to gather information about each un-filed year. Complete a tax organizer for each year un-filed year. (Don’t stress over this tax organizer thing; just do the best you can.) If you can’t locate the information you need, then give your best guess and put a not next to your guesses so the tax professional will know how you came up with the number. The IRS will accept the best available information.

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