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    The Law Office of Mary King P.L. offers complete IRS problem solving services including all areas from tax debt settlement to planning the most efficient tax strategy for individuals and businesses.

    Attorney Mary King provides tax services for individuals and businesses in Florida and throughout the United States. As a dedicated IRS Tax defense attorney, she has been helping clients get tax debt relief by negotiating currently non-collectible status, offers in compromise, installment agreements, innocent spouse cases, audits, removing levies, releasing liens, and negotiating penalty abatement.

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    Because Life should be less taxing.

    What Our Clients Say

    • I would highly highly recommend Mary King for any of your tax or IRS situations. She’s been working with me and the IRS for many years. We finally came up with a great game plan and decision to put this in the past. But I guess that wasn’t good enough and she did some more research and came up with even a better resolution Mary King will go the extra mile for you .

    • When it comes to Tax Attorneys there are loads of them out there that talk a good game, but Mary can help you make it happen. She has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to strategically help with our IRS Tax challenges. More so she more than answered all of our questions but took the time to explain everything to us, we left feeling more knowledgeable and she completely eased our minds. I would recommend Mary and her office for all your Tax problems.

    • I went into the office burdened with my issue and left with a cheerful and optimistic outlook knowing I was safe in the competent hands of Mary King.

    • Attorney Mary King is the best attorney to represent you when you have issues with IRS. Attorney King represented me and my company and I am very pleased with the outcome of my tax situation. If you are looking for a tax attorney, look no further. She and her staff are the best.

    • Made my situation 100 times more difficult always seemed confused as if it was the first time they were hearing about anything, I gave their office the benefit of the doubt that maybe they had more lucrative pressing matters but they claim they were spending hours and hours accomplishing nothing. I’m not sure which one would be worse

    • Mary King has helped us through tax problems. Her advice and recommendations have worked out very well. She does good work and we would recommend her services to anyone who needs tax help. Her recommendations for attorneys that handle special finacial situations was of great help. Give her a call. You won't regret it.

    • Hiring the Law Office of Mary E. King is a great idea if you are confused about how to deal with tax issues. Mary immediately got on the ball bringing me up to date with my situation. I went on thinking I couldn't file because I owed the IRS money I didn’t have. I looked online and asked around, including the IRS, how I could deal with this and there were no definite answers. But now I know, Mary E. King did have the definite answers I needed. Feels good to have that weight off my shoulders with a true professional to navigate through a complicated system. In addition, Mary truly cares about you, your situation and works very hard to get the best result. So, thanks again Mary and to you and your excellent team of professionals at Law Office of Mary E. King!

    • Saved my sanity when I had a MAJOR tax problems. I was audited for four years and she held my hand through the whole process. We got through it and then she helped me to arrange for payments to settle my debt. Overall I couldn't have been happier with the attention, responsiveness, and resolutions with Mary and her staff. She is worth every penny. You're investing in your peace of mind!

    • I had IRS problems where they were demanding a large ridicules amount of money. I was told by a friend to give Mary King a call. When I went on line and saw she had written an excellent book on taxes and how she had helped veterans get right with the IRS I gave her a call. Now, I paid for my service and it was money well spent. She knows how the IRS works, and she knows who and where she needs to call to get answers and get things done. I highly recommend her. She is professional, courteous and one smart tax lady. Thanks Mary and thanks to your great staff there.

    • I went into the office burdened with my issue and left with a cheerful and optimistic outlook knowing I was safe in the competent hands of Mary King.


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